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As I mentioned in the introduction to this eportfolio, my background is in science; specifically, I studied biology with a focus on ecosystems. Biology was a satisfying field on many levels, particularly because I was able to study the classification of life forms, and research ways in which they interact together. My transition to library and information science was intentional, but it wasn't until much later that I realized that the fondness I have for identifying how organisms interact also resonates with the process of identifying and organizing informational access points, so that we can interact with it. Both processes involve making useful connections by keeping the bigger picture in mind. In library and information science, the bigger picture is how to develop better ways to serve a designated user group.

During this program and my work in libraries, I have participated in identifying and creating access points for metadata used to organize and retrieve information within collections of resources. I have also gained experience and knowledge about creating collections of information resources that respond to the needs of their intended users. This program introduced me to concerns about intellectual freedom, which is something I had taken for granted, and now am passionate about supporting. And finally, due to the electronic learning environment, I have developed a fearlessness and eagerness for technology, and a deep appreciate for how it is a catalyst for intellectual, social, and personal growth.


I am excited about my future in this field because my skills have been developed to the point where I am confident that I can make valuable contributions to assisting in providing access to information, and in preserving informational resources for the future. I have developed an aptitude for creating and understanding metadata. I have experience in successfully collaborating with remote colleagues and in developing a digital presence on the Internet. I am curious about new technological tools, and my research capabilities exhibit my diligence in contributing to my professional roles in useful and accurate ways.

Professional Development

I have no doubt that my commitment to gaining new knowledge and experiences is permanent. Therefore, as a life-long learner, I intend to continually attend and participate in relevant workshops and conferences that will keep me informed of developments in the profession. Indeed, I have benefiting tremendously from each of the events I have attended thus far. I enjoy making connections with other curious minds, and fostering collaborative relationships that may one day positively influence the course of my career.


1. All introductory, reflective, and evidentiary work submitted is mine alone (except where indicated as a group or team project), and has been prepared solely by me.
2. I have respected the privacy of others by removing mention in this e-Portfolio of information that could lead to the disclosure of the identity of students or employers, and I have made good effort to obtain permission from all group members for group projects submitted as evidence.
3. I am protecting the privacy of the contents of my e-Portfolio by not sharing its website address.
--Megan Amaral